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We own a vacation condo, so you need to be able to trust someone to work when you are gone and have things done when you want to use your place. This is what I always tell people about Brett: “He isn’t cheap, but you say, ‘I’d like to put in a murphy bed, surrounded by bookcases’ and in short order he has found one that turns out to be the most comfortable bed to sleep on and has everything completed. You call and say, “I would like to move a light switch two feet to the left.” and in three days, you have it done. He is nice to work with, efficient, and a good advisor. My mother-in-law was re-doing a few things on her cottage for two years, because the man she hired kept getting distracted. We told her to hire Brett, even tho he was more expensive, because then the job would be completed. Sure enough, in about two weeks he finished what the other company may never had completed. When you have a condo or cottage that you only use a few weeks of the year, you need someone you trust who will complete work not only well, but in a timely way so you only have happy days while you are in residence – not be frustrated. Brett is that kind of guy. He is worth the $$$.

He repaired dormers on our roof and he fixed a leak. He also did a bathroom remodel. He is very meticulous and neat in his work. For the quality of work that is done, the price is very reasonable.